Tuesday, November 17, 2009

DHS' Our Border

Building on Janet Napolitano's recent comments, the Department of Homeland Security has set up a "civic network" on Ning called Our Border. From the mass email I received:

Our Border is a civic network that facilitates conversation about the Southwest Border. The Department of Homeland Security created the network to introduce a new level of dialogue to the discussion about the issues that affect the border and its residents. We encourage you to take advantage of the site’s many features. Post a blog, comment in a forum, introduce yourself, upload a video, or post a photo. Or, if you have questions about Department of Homeland Security policies, visit our “Ask a Question” forum and post them. We will try to have an expert respond to your question.

Very interesting idea, though I wonder how it will work in practice. In particular, of course, "dialogue" very easily becomes "cacophony," even when it is moderated. However, I do applaud the efforts DHS is making.


Defensores de Democracia 11:28 AM  

Mr Weeks :

There is a fine Anglo Lady, Billie Greenwood. She works for Peace in the Border. Helping People for understanding and defusing the conflicts on Immigration.

Her Blog is a Wonder of Beautiful Things about the Border States, the United States in general, and the possibility of Good Understanding with Mexicans, Latinos, etc ... in the Border, where she works as a volunteer, great part of the year.

Billie is a representative of what is Sane and Sound.

She says :

"I was born and raised in the middle: middle America and middle class. To top it off, I'm now middle aged. I don't know when it started, but more and more I began investigating life on the fringe. After awhile I started to prefer what others consider out-of-mainstream. Now I guess I don't really fit very well anywhere. But I like my life a lot."

Here is her blog :

The Border Explorer

Vicente Duque

Jim Walsh 2:50 PM  

DHS had what sounds like a similar process for their quadrennial review. It seems to generate a lot--perhaps too much--input. Also some of the comments were very narrowly focused. And it's not clear how much of this factors into the final decisions and report. It can't hurt, but that's not a very inspiring motto.

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