Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Juche in Venezuela

From the North Korean News Agency, exciting news about how Kim Il Sung's idea of Juche is being celebrated by some in Venezuela.

A professor of Bolivar University stressed that all the achievements made by the Korean people are a brilliant fruition of the Songun politics pursued by General Secretary Kim Jong Il. The cause of the Korean people facing down imperialism gives strength and courage to the world revolutionary peoples including the Venezuelan people and it has become a model of anti-imperialist struggle, he stressed.

Gotta love North Korea's brilliant fruition.


Mr. V,  10:45 AM  

Damn you Juche-lovers are so blind and damn stupid. -_-' Can't you see that people are suffering out there? people lying dead on the grounds because there's no food? Because of your selfish "Juche" bullcrap millions of people are dying. People being killed because they say something about it? WTF is that? eh?

I can't say imperialism and capitalism are the best systems.., but anything is better than the inhuman, unjust, murdering Juche system.

Defensores de Democracia 1:07 PM  

Thanks for Important Information. Seems very ridiculous, but in fact, this "Juche" is very grave in Venezuela.

Venezuela has been in a process of Degradation : Political, Military, Economic and now Intellectual.

Next to a Beautiful Villa in Venezuela, you see a Ramshackle Hut, the Poorest Shack, a Favela made of cardboard or old discarded woods and boards.

That is because the Government allows Invasions, and Occupations of land, plots or houses. No respect for Private Property.

The Economic System of Chavez in Venezuela disincentives work and private initiative and bestows grants on sycophants and parasites like the Red Shirts of Chavez.

How many hundreds of billions of dollars have been squandered ??? - Or stolen by the Ruling Parasites ???

And Venezuela is a miserable country, filled with poverty, and scarcity, due to price controlls and Economic Imbecility.

The System in North Korea is the most despicable Despotism and Tyranny. And Now Fools in Venezuelan Universities are burning incense to this Imbecility.

Trying to find the Future in Foreign Policies :


Vicente Duque

Justin Delacour 7:47 PM  

Who cares what one Venezuelan professor says about North Korea? How is that even relevant to understanding Venezuelan politics?

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