Thursday, November 05, 2009

U.S. policy(ish)

Senator Jim DeMint claims that the Obama administration will recognize the elections even if the Honduran Congress refuses to make a decision before the November 29 election. DeMint is not DeSharpest tool in DeShed, so I would suggest this is not as clear as he claims.


Doug Zylstra 8:15 PM  
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Anonymous,  9:17 PM  

Not good when you let your policy preferences cloud your analysis. Making fun of Demint? He knows how he game is played as does the Obama administration. Shannon has already indicated something similar. Plus, what alternative is there to recognzing the elections? It's been clear for a while that's the best way to solve this mess.

leftside 2:47 AM  

DeMint may not be so sharp but if he has received sufficient assurances to warrant public praise of Obama, everyone in Latin America ought to all be scared as hell.

I've officially had it with this Administration, at least as it related to LA. This whole Honduras story has been very instructive of how "soft power" can be even more devious and destructive than hard. The US always professed (against evidence to the contrary) that it needed to have Zelaya instituted. Now we know that was a fallacy. All the US really wanted was for this to all go away, without alienating the region too bad.

The State Department was praised by all official quarters when the initial deal was breached. They are probably thinking they are in the clear even still, with the situation unraveling quickly (and two bombs having gone off in the capital). That is ok. We (the US) won't have to be there to try to solve the lasting problem being created.

Since th pretension of regional cooperation has passed, it is time to pick sides folks. Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia and Nicaragua said today that Zelaya's reinstatement is not negotiable. That elections will not be legitimate unless the repression ends and Michelletti gives way to Zelaya. The US has regrettably staked out another position.

Paul 11:25 AM  

"Since th pretension of regional cooperation has passed, it is time to pick sides folks."

Pick sides and do what from that side of your keyboard there, Leftside? Revel in your selective indignation while thug regimes you adore, like Cuba and Nicaragua, show what real disrespect for democracy looks like?

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