Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New crime: Eating lunch while Latina

I've written numerous times about the 287(g) program that grants immigration enforcement authority to local law enforcement. A very interesting new wrinkle is a lawsuit filed by a Salvadoran woman in Maryland, saying her rights were violated.

The complaint alleges Orellana Santos was eating lunch as she sat on a curb behind a food co-op near Evergreen Square on Buckeystown Pike on Oct. 7, 2008.

The deputies asked her for identification and at first, she told them she did not have any. After a few minutes, she remembered she had a national ID card and gave that to the deputies, the complaint states.

Because she did not speak much English, and the deputies did not speak Spanish, she did not understand why she was being detained, the complaint states.

After about 15 minutes, she tried to stand up and collect her things to leave, but officers cuffed her and took her to the Frederick County Adult Detention Center, the complaint states. She was then transferred to other immigration detention centers in Maryland.

I had noted the problem of profiling in an op-ed earlier this year. I suppose it was really only a matter of time before someone sued.


Defensores de Democracia 11:07 AM  

Immigration is an important issue and deserves a lot of study - There are beaufiful possible solutions - But please, avoid the Wannsee conference

To solve this problem in the best form then Congress, the Press, the Public and the Executive Branch of Power will need some rapprochement, reconciliation, some cooperation, and study is better than ugly passions.

Understanding the Economic Implications of Immigration is very useful and there are good studies : Cato Institute, Brookings Institution, etc ...

There are also Demographic Implications, and they are not simple.

The United States would have had a great diminution of Population, but Immigration has supplied the deficit to fill the hole.

Nobody is so mad as to propose open borders, or to conserve criminals and dangerous people.

So, a middle term solution may exist. And I am sure that the Economic Implications of Immigration are not so negative as preached by enemies.

Conclusion : Let's study things without passion, let's study the economic and demographic implications.

And let's be realistic, some solutions to the problems of Immigrations seem to come from Madhouses, or from the Wannsee conference, which took place in Berlin, in the Wannsee Villa on January 20, 1942. The conference was chaired by Reinhard Heydrich.

There the "Final Solution" was devised and announced in an extremely elegant and luxurious setting of the Finest Gourmet Food and the Best Wines of Europe, and with lots of servants, valets and military aides. Hate, Sadism and Brutality were covered with luxury.

I saw the movie, which has some top Nazi Criminals like Adolf Eichman and I was horrified.

America is wonderful, but please, avoid Heydrich and Eichmann.

Vicente Duque

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