Monday, November 16, 2009

The immigration reform message

In remarks a few days ago, Janet Napolitano offered a sneak peek at the message the administration will use next year as it pursues immigration reform. She went into great detail about enforcement, using that as evidence of commitment to the more controversial elements of reform.

Let me be clear: when I talk about “immigration reform,” I’m referring to what I call the “three-legged stool” that includes a commitment to serious and effective enforcement, improved legal flows for families and workers, and a firm but fair way to deal with those who are already here. That’s the way that this problem has to be solved, because we need all three aspects to build a successful system. This approach has at its heart the conviction that we must demand responsibility and accountability from everyone involved in the system: immigrants, employers and government. And that begins with fair, reliable enforcement.

We know that one-sided reform, as we saw in 1986, cannot succeed. During that reform effort, the enforcement part of the equation was promised, but it didn’t materialize. That helped lead to our current situation, and it undermined Americans’ confidence in their government’s approach to this issue. That mistake can’t happen again, and it won’t happen again.

That's a good message. She also made brief mention of one of the meetings I was invited to a short while ago, though I have no idea what sort of impact they had.

As part of the Administration’s outreach on this issue, my Department has held stakeholder meetings with more than 1,000 people and organizations across the country. The businesses, community leaders, labor leaders, faith groups and law enforcement we’ve met with all have different stories, but they all reach the same conclusion: we need reform. This reform will be part of the new foundation for growth, prosperity, and security that this Administration is working to create.


The President is committed to this issue because the need for immigration reform is so clear. This Administration does not shy away from taking on the big challenges of the 21st century, challenges that have been ignored too long and hurt our families and businesses.

I hope so.


Defensores de Democracia 1:28 PM  

Mr Weeks

Thanks for excellent post about Immigration :

My best wishes is for a Polite and Cultured Political Discussion, in Congress, the Press, the Town Halls, Blogs, etc .... about this controversial and thorny subject.

My Heart is with Reason and Numbers, that is Discussions on the Economy, Job Market, even Culture. But informed and Intelligent.

But my angst, anxiety and apprehension are for ELECTIONS, for the Political Lot of Mr Obama.

If Mr Obama loses the next elections then that is a sad event. Who can be more reasonable, intelligent, cerebral, brainy, professorial than Mr Obama ???

It is a Great Thing that the United States of America has a Great President, a Historical Presidency. It would be wonderful for the USA and the World that Mr Obama succeeds in all his tasks ( Hercules Works and Herculean Tasks )

This Website of 2 Weeks is from University and Educated People.

Nobody expects Open Borders, or Criminals and Delinquents to stay in the USA. And there are others that should leave.

But I pray for calmed discussions, informed discussions, rational discussion everywhere.

So that Hate and Fear is defeated by Intelligence and Reason.

Good Luck with all your research and thanks for it !

Vicente Duque

Defensores de Democracia 12:04 PM  

Immigration is such a Red Hot Topic in American Politics, that it would be wise for Mr Obama to postpone the Immigration Reform after the 2010 elections.

Or even better, after Mr Obama is reelected.

Unfortunately, the problems of Foreign Policy are so grave, that they also cause turmoil to the Democrat Government.

Many things can complicate the Triumph of the Democratic Party. Perhaps the best policy is to be centrist and nonpartisan with the Health Care Reform.

These are my humble wild guesses ! - These are not the opinions of the Best Pollsters or Strategists.

Youth, Minorities, Politics :

Vicente Duque

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