Monday, June 11, 2012

Alvaro Uribe on Twitter

Former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe may well qualify for whiniest ex-president. He is also very active on Twitter (@AlvaroUribeVel), which means periodically he shoots off scathing diatribes against Hugo Chávez and Juan Manuel Santos. Is there a full moon today? Because he is really mad at Santos:

Gobierno Santos pone a Colombia en incertidumbre y como país impredecible al abrir puertas de impunidad y elegibilidad de terroristas

Irate about Chávez:

Hay que evitar caer en el engaño de democracia que aparenta la Dictadura Chavista en elecciones, sabemos que pasa despues

Oh, and he hates Eva Golinger:

EvaGolinguer sirve a la dictadura Chavista como verdugo contra el periodismo libre

It's an interesting use of social media, and I think unique for former presidents, both in terms of using Twitter and criticizing a successor. Also of note is that people shout back at him on Twitter (just click on the links above to see responses). It does not constitute a dialogue, but Twitter does become a type of forum for people to air their views publicly and directly to the ex-president.


Justin Delacour 2:22 PM  

Weird ex-president.

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