Thursday, June 07, 2012

More on Cuba policy

Roberta Jackson speaking to a Senate subcommittee:

In Cuba, the Obama administration’s priority is to empower Cubans to freely determine their own future. The most effective tool we have for doing that is building connections between the Cuban and American people, in order to give Cubans the support and tools they need to move forward independent of their government. U.S. citizens, engaging in well-defined, purposeful travel, are the best ambassadors for our democratic ideals.

Where to start with this? The United States has made a massive effort to make sure there are as few connections as possible with Cuba. We aren't giving Cubans anything but a policy that helps keep the dictatorship in place.

Further, the "well-defined, purposeful travel" is an insult. In a free country you should not have the government defining your travel for you. I should be able to do as much undefined, purposeless travel that I want. According to the government's logic, Jack Kerouac should have written On the Well-Defined, Purposeful Road.


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