Saturday, June 16, 2012

Axe and Bors' War is Boring

David Axe and Matt Bors' War Is Boring is a curious graphic novel ostensibly about the coverage of global conflicts but mostly about self-loathing. Axe has waded into most of the violent conflicts around the world, but starts to wonder why he's bothering. He starts to realize that it's all about him as opposed to any desire to alleviate suffering or to bring attention to little-known tragedies, though this doesn't really change anything he does.

He admits in the Afterword that "The more different people I meet, the less I believe in their humanity." He sees people in their very worst moments, indeed wants to, and feels misanthropic as a result. If anything, it will make you feel less sympathetic toward war correspondents (a title that he also insists he does not like).


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