Sunday, June 24, 2012

Text of Paraguayan accusation

Thanks to a commenter for linking to the text of the accusation against Fernando Lugo. I should say I can't verify it 100%, and I couldn't find an official version at the websites of either the Paraguayan House or Senate, but it corresponds to narrative accounts at those sites. If this isn't it, I'd like to know.

This is quite a document, and even crazier than media accounts discuss. It argues that Lugo had a master plan to foment violence in such a way as to launch an "assault" and "install a regime contrary to our Republican system." It is openly intended to be insulting.

What's most undemocratic, though, is that it is extraordinarily vague. "Various" of his supporters, or "often times" without any specifics. Moreover, not only is almost no evidence presented, but the document says specifically that it doesn't even need any.

Todas las causales mencionadas más arriba, son de pública notoriedad, motivo por el cual no necesitan ser probadas, conforme a nuestro ordenamiento jurídico vigente.

Who needs evidence if the accusers agree? That whole due process thing is a waste of time anyway.


Anonymous,  11:12 AM  

The following passage makes me doubt the document's authenticity:

Personalmente, desde luego, manifiesto mi convicción de que el camino de la crisis ...

That sounds like a personal statement more than an official proclamation. If it turns out to be the official statement, that's another bad sign about process.

Greg Weeks 11:37 AM  

I agree. But is it too much to ask for the Paraguayan government to publish it?

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