Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chávez's campaign

I'm quoted in this Bloomberg article about Hugo Chávez. He has proclaimed himself cancer-free, and given everyone knows that cancer treatment is arduous, no one is expecting the same level of energy as before. If he can avoid another secretive Cuba trip before the election, then he will be in a good position because he will take the illness issue out of the equation. I do wonder, though, if he is truly free of cancer then why does he still refuse to tell the public any details?


Otto 4:18 PM  

When I see "Bloomberg article" and "Hugo Chávez" together my heart invariably sinks, so I nearly didn't click through. But to be honest I was pleasantly surprised by the even-handed reporting this time. Fair do.

Lillie Langtry 1:01 PM  

In my (recent) experience, despite the fact that everyone has known someone with cancer, often several people, most people have very little idea of what treatment involves. In fact, the word "cancer" is not all that useful, encompassing as it does such a broad range of types and prognoses. We really have nothing to go on here.

Greg Weeks 1:41 PM  

Which of course is the problem. For a presidential election, in the absence of information people go on perception and rumor.

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