Thursday, July 19, 2012

Crazy threats

If I ever made New Year's resolutions, one would be to stop blogging about crazy commentaries. Or maybe I could try a kind of blogging Lent every once in a while. But sometimes I can't resist. Just read this from José Cárdenas. He criticizes everyone who fails to understand Hugo Chávez's wild desires. Then he outlines a threat that's so bizarre that I don't even need to comment on it:

Anyone who has actually bothered to listen to Mr. Chavez would know he is a devotee of asymmetric warfare as practiced by radical Islam, a doctrine which holds that in the face of overwhelmingly unfavorable military capabilities, one is compelled to employ all manner of irregular methods (i.e., terrorism, guerrilla warfare and insurgency) to balance the odds. In other words, you take advantage of every opportunity to harm your opponent’s interests wherever and whenever you can.


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