Monday, July 30, 2012

Krugman on Latin America

Andres Oppenheimer interviewed Paul Krugman and came away with Nobel Prize genius platitudes. Do some good stuff, not too much bad stuff, and you may get a better outcome. So in Mexico you need to get rid of the bad things, and bring in some good things.

“The best thing you could do for the Mexican economy would be to control the drug trade and the crime wave, and hope that the re-shoring of production from China (to Mexico) finally generates the economic miracle we keep waiting for,” he added.

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OK, thanks! Now I feel much more educated than I did before the 30 seconds it took me to read the insights in this article. What about Brazil?

I don’t think there is an easy policy explanation about why Brazil has done better. It just seems that there seems to be more of an entrepreneurial drive

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