Thursday, July 26, 2012

Latin America and China

Rhys Jenkins, "Latin America and China: A New Dependency?" Third World Quarterly 33, 7 (2012): 1337-1358.

Abstract (gated):

Economic relations between China and Latin America have grown rapidly over the past decade. This paper documents the growth of trade, foreign direct investment (fdi) and other financial flows between China and Latin America and identifies the interests of China in the region as a source of raw materials, a market for exports of manufactured goods and an area of diplomatic competition with Taiwan. It points to the asymmetric nature of the relationship in terms of the relative importance of bilateral trade to each partner, the composition of trade flows, and the balance of fdi flows. It shows that these show many of the characteristics of centre–periphery relations. However, China is far from becoming a new hegemonic power in Latin America and the latter's relations with the USA and Europe continue to be more significant than those with China.
Not terribly surprising, but useful in particular as a reminder that the economic relationship is similar to that outlined by dependency theory, but that the United States is not exactly being displaced.

The China-Latin America connections is a really hot scholarly topic at the moment.


Joe 5:27 PM  

I'm a recent graduate of an International and Area Studies Program with a focus on China. I'm hoping to do a Fulbright in Brazil in the future. and then possibly to get a PhD and specialize in China-Latin America relations, with a special focus on China-Brazil. Do you have any recommendations for bloggers, tweeters, online databases, excellent papers on the the subject, or some scholars you know that specialize in China-Latin America whom I could ask?

Greg Weeks 8:33 AM  

I think your best bet is to use Google Scholar to see who is publishing a lot on the topic (such as the author of the article in this post), and then try to contact them.

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