Friday, July 27, 2012

Why Castro's Statement Doesn't Matter

This almost qualifies as a rant, but is more properly just confusion. Why does the media see Raúl Castro's statement of willingness to talk with the United States as equals as noteworthy, even "surprising"? The Cuban government says this every year. Every. Single. Year.

Raúl Castro said in an interview in 2006 that he would hold talks as equals.

Raúl Castro offered to hold talks in 2007.

Raúl Castro offered to hold talks as equals in 2008.

Raúl Castro indicated to the Obama administration that it would hold talks as equals in 2009.

The Cuban foreign ministry said it would hold talks on any topic as long as it was between equals in 2010.

Jimmy Carter brought a message that Raúl Castro wanted talks as equals in 2011.

This isn't new, and it will have exactly zero effect on U.S.-Cuban relations.


Alfredo 3:22 PM  

For domestic consumption.

Anonymous,  10:42 AM  

It costs the govt. nothing and, like the UN vote on the trade embargo, helps to depict the Cuban govt. as reasonable and/or a victim. The audience may be in part domestic but I would surmise the Cuban population and the elites are not affected by these rituals. I think it is directed more at supporters and would be supporters in Western Europe, Latin America and the US. Greg's point is well taken. Why does the media consider this newsworthy? surprising? If you scratch the surface of the attempts to have a dialogue, the impediments remain. The US is in a presidential election and both governments always find a reason not to practice diplomacy. I think the Nobel Committee should have a retrospective peace prize to be awarded to the government that in hindsight says they should have pursued peace. The "woulda-coulda" prize. Fidel Castro's government would be a contender given how they "rue" the missed opportunities of the Carter presidency. Instead it was the Mariel exodus.

Russell,  11:58 AM  

That was my take, too. The word "news" has "new" in it...

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