Sunday, September 02, 2012

Latino vote in NC

The Los Angeles Times takes what I would call a feeble stab at understanding the dynamics of the Latino vote in North Carolina. What really got me was the refusal to use data. For example:

North Carolina has an estimated 100,000 registered Latino voters, according to census data, though other groups say the number could be almost twice that.

No one should quote vague "others." Instead, take a few minutes and find the exact, updated numbers at the NC Board of Elections.

The overall argument is that the Latino vote, despite being very small, can be important when the margin may well be thin. Fair enough, but there is no mention of a) how small it is compared to other groups; b) the dynamics of mobilizing the African American vote vs. the Latino vote; and c) the challenge of getting Latino voters to the polls since they are much less likely to vote than anyone else.

Instead, a few random people are interviewed and all of their words taken at face value.


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