Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Walk the democratic immigration plank

The platform of the Democratic Party has a lot on immigration, so much that I won't bother pasting it here. There is however, a bit of disjuncture. So there is this:

Our prosperity depends on an immigration system that reflects our values and meets America’s needs. But Americans know that today, our immigration system is badly broken – separating families, undermining honest employers and workers, burdening law enforcement, and leaving millions of people working and living in the shadows.

And then this:

Today, the Southwest border is more secure than at any time in the past 20 years. Unlawful crossings are at a 40-year low, and the Border Patrol is better staffed than at any time in its history.

The latter is part of what is causing the former. A long-held message of the Obama administration is that it is holding up its side of the enforcement bargain while Republicans block broader reform. Yet the intense enforcement without reform creates even more family separation, law enforcement burden, etc.

Even so, Democrats can simply point to the Republican platform, which stands well to the right of mainstream public opinion on immigration. For many voters, it may well be a lesser of two evils issue.


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