Thursday, September 13, 2012

Piñera numbers

The Instituto de Investigación en Ciencias Sociales of the Universidad Diego Portales published a new national survey of Chileans. It ain't pretty for President Sebastián Piñera. Some highlights:

--30% of people who voted for him regret it. Those who are poor regret it more than others.
--He has a 29% approval rating
--47% believe he's done a worse job than Michelle Bachelet
--Government in general has a 17% approval rating
--Political parties have a 4.4% approval rating

Michelle Bachelet was able to weather disaffection with her coalition and leave office on a high note. Time is really ticking away for Piñera to do the same. And Chile continues to be a country where GDP growth does not correlate to presidential popularity, since growth has been pretty good. That makes it even harder to figure out how Piñera can improve his image, or whether it's even possible.


Alfredo 5:08 PM  
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Alfredo 5:12 PM  

His handling of the students and education in general has been dreadful.

Unknown 12:29 AM  

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