Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Resource Nationalism in Latin America

Just a quick addendum to my post yesterday about the failures of anti-imperialism. The Financial Times discusses how despite all the pro-nationalization talk around Latin America, state companies are increasingly looking for private investors. It could in fact be a win-win situation. Latin American governments are requiring more control over natural resources, but still need foreign cash. They can't beat 'em, so they join 'em. Meanwhile, transnational corporations see such big dollar-signs in these sectors that they are not scared off by the rhetoric and by the reduced profit margin.

The partnership is likely to be marked by some mutual suspicion, but if output increases, government revenues go up, and private companies make money, then everybody's happy.


Defensores de Democracia 7:48 AM  

Mr Weeks :

Thanks for excellent articles.

After the tragic events in Libya and Egypt with the loss of valuable American Diplomats, I can only say that Trade and Peaceful Relations of Cultural Exchange is the way to go.

As vicepresident Joe Biden says : "We are the keepers of our brothers and sisters" .... and I would add : "no matter what nationality"

The unfortunate events in North Africa should be an opportunity for reflection in understanding.

Thanks again for excellent blog.


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