Tuesday, August 15, 2006

AMLO's apogee?

I’ve written about trying to figure out the perceptions and effects of AMLO’s protests. It is such a sensitive topic that it often seems difficult to consider objectively. Boz has some interesting numbers showing that although a majority of people in Mexico City believe fraud occurred and a recount should be made, over two-thirds think the protests should stop. (I haven’t seen nationwide numbers—this seems to be such a Mexico City-centric issue).

Meanwhile, Michelle points to conflict between the police and PRD supporters. Hardly the violence constantly predicted in the U.S. media, but still a potential sign of nerves fraying. Vivir Latino notes charges that AMLO opponents are infiltrating the protests in order to spark more conflict.

We continue to have protests blocking banks and government buildings (and previously some tollbooths as well). Ricardo summarizes AMLO’s plans, and how protests will consciously overlap with national celebrations hosted by the president.

I can’t help but get the feeling that AMLO has nowhere to go but down. I don’t see the depth of outcry as sufficient to sustain this scale of protests, and it is quite likely that people will increasingly get tired of them. I suppose, though, that such protests could remain a permanent fixture in Mexico City, very likely in diminished numbers. But at what cost for the PRD?


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