Thursday, August 10, 2006

Important Argentina News

Via Vivir Latino: Apparently vasectomies are illegal in Argentina, but a man with 37 children is petitioning to get one.

According to, the man works as a painter, and doesn't have the money to buy contraceptives because he says that "buying a box of condoms would be mean 'leaving his family without a kilo of sugar'". He also says he cannot control himself to abstain when he falls in love with a woman, and that he lived for 14 years with three wives under the same roof.

Here's what I don't get. Vasectomies are illegal in Argentina, but condoms and polygamy are perfectly fine?


Anonymous,  1:22 AM  

I've not followed the story closely but from what I read the guy was just living with the women and not actually married to them.

Vasectomies have been legal in a number of provinces of Argentina but the new legislation made that procedure and tubal ligation legal across the nation and available through public hospitals and free to the poor.

There have been a number of stories lately in Argentina related to birth control and sex education. Most disturbing was the case of a mentally retarded girl who became pregnant after being raped. The girl requested an abortion but the judge delayed the ruling granting the permission until it was too late in the pregnancy for the abortion to be performed. So, the girl will have to bear the child of her rapist.

It's interesting that the story about the guy with 37 kids came out at about the same time as the story about the retarded girl who can't get an abortion.

Greg Weeks 10:48 AM  

Thanks for the info. I had just thought of this as a bizarre story about an overly fertile moron. But the other story you mention is far more disturbing and also far more newsworthy.

Anonymous,  4:40 AM  

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Anonymous,  3:36 PM  

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