Tuesday, August 01, 2006

More on the AMLO protests

Following up on yesterday’s story about AMLO’s supporters in Mexico City, I am trying to figure out exactly how much life has been disrupted. There are now tents set up by AMLO supporters, and traffic is being affected.

The NYT headline says the capital is “paralyzed” and that tempers are “flaring.” The syndicated article in the Miami Herald says the entire city has been “brought to a halt.” It also includes the following, which is cut and pasted into every single article about AMLO:

While there've been no serious incidents so far, fears have grown that the protests could lead to violence as frustrations grow on both sides of the election dispute.

The L.A. Times is less dramatic:

City traffic snarled and business owners complained, but there was little trouble as hundreds of protesters made camp on the central square

According to Milenio, the head of transport in Mexico City said 200,000 people were affected, and that people should give themselves an extra 20-30 minutes to use Avenida Reforma. This is serious, but does not sound as dire as the U.S. media, yet the PRD is in charge in the D.F., so would naturally downplay it.

Is this going to seriously hurt the economy and cause violence? Or is it a peaceful protest that the media loves to portray as leftist agitation?


J.S. Zolliker 5:40 PM  

It is a peaceful but unrightfull protest (they could protest withput blocking one of the main arteries of the city). I dont belive its going to become violent, but smaller every day. People in general, dont aprove it, and the protest, afecting transportation time for over one million people, is donde only by less than 5 hundred of them.

Greg Weeks 7:55 AM  

If it is peaceful and legal, then I wouldn't consider it "wrong." If you're correct, then lack of support will make the protests dry up. Are there polls to show what "people in general" think?

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