Thursday, August 03, 2006


The only update I've seen so far on Fidel is that Ricardo Alarcón (president of the Cuban National Assembly) told NPR yesterday that Fidel would not return to power for “some weeks.”

Raúl has remained out of sight, which of course fuels even more rumors (like he is busy planning Fidel’s funeral). I think we need to keep applying Occam’s razor, meaning the most plausible explanation will usually be the least convoluted. With this in mind, I actually agree with Roger Noriega (probably for the first time ever) when he speculated about Raúl:

"He's probably being careful not to be dramatic in asserting himself as a new leader," Noriega said.

However, if Fidel will be out for weeks, Raúl will need to show himself before long, or people will really start getting nervous.


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