Monday, August 21, 2006

First Day of Class

Today is the first day of the semester. I want to encourage my students to check out the blog, feel free to lurk if you like, but also please comment or even email me anything Latin America-related (broadly speaking) if you run across something you find interesting.


CompPoli 5:17 PM  
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CompPoli 6:48 PM  

The invitation has been accepted and explored by a student new to your Fall 2006 Intro Comp Poli course. I shall attempt to question/comment from time to time on various postings. Though fear of becoming a lightning rod due to expressing opinions which may differ from yours runs high. I personally welcome debate but my transcript is not so fond of the potential repercussion of such. Only time will reveal if all is revealed. 'Til then I hope you bear with me.

Hence, I shall continue to "lurk" in the shadows and emerge but briefly and anonymously to question/comment, then return to whence I came. Lastly...very interesting I must say, CompPoli

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