Friday, August 04, 2006

Mexico protests

As my previous posts have shown, I am interested in the very different perceptions of the AMLO protests. On the one hand, for example, the BBC says AMLO supporters were "digging in." CNN has news of how the protests blocked the stock exchange. On the other hand, Ricardo's Blog reports from Mexico City that the tents are largely empty. I'd love to see polls that might shed some light on the popular reaction to the protests, and some estimates on the current number of people participating in the tent protests.


Ricardo 8:09 PM  


A friend that has been following the protests told me that El Economista newspaper counted the number of people in the Reforma camps (I am assuming this does not include the Zocalo) at 400. This is what I saw with many empty tents who had cars below them and people from the city were using them as passages to walk by.

Reforma ran a survey on how popular the measures were and the number against the blockades was well above 60%, I will look for the actual figure and let you know.

Thanks for the link :)

Greg Weeks 8:47 PM  

Thanks--my friend Mike Aleles recommended your blog, which I enjoy. From the U.S., it is exceedingly difficult to get a true feel for the nature of the protest. So much of the coverage (either in the mainstream media or in blogs) has a slant.

Ricardo 12:34 AM  


Thanks a lot, Mike is a good friend of mine. Here is the data of the Reforma survey of DF citizens about the blockade:
- 69% Disagree
- 28% Agree
- 3% Don't Have an Opinion

Let me add mpore color to my comment on empty tents. I guess more of them will be used over the weekend, when AMLO usually congregates his supporters. But it is very unfair to just block the streets on weekdays when they could easily congregate their weekday supporters on the Zocalo or in the Reforma sidewalks (since the number is so small).

Now the TEPJF will rule on the petition to do a vote-by-vote count tomorrow (saturday) so stay tuned for the developments. Anything less that a full vote by vote count is likely to be rejected by AMLO.

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