Monday, August 28, 2006


Only the extreme weaknesses of the NL are keeping the Padres’ hopes alive. Yesterday, Jake Peavy got creamed by the Rockies, and is now 7-13 for the year with a 4.51 ERA. What's going on, Jake?

Plus, our lineup has some serious holes. I am still not sure why we signed Manny Alexander, who is hitting .143 (and his lifetime average is a mere .231). We couldn’t do better than that? And we keep playing Mark Bellhorn, who is also under the Mendoza Line.

Despite our 66-64 record (and a horrible 33-36 at home) we’re only 2 games behind the Dodgers and 0.5 behind the Reds for the wild card. So who will ultimately limp into the playoffs and then likely lose to the Mets?

One other baseball note--Padres Rundown has great analysis of the minor leagues. Right now it seems to be slim pickings.


MSS 4:08 PM  

Hey, I had the distinct privelege of seeing the Cal-League Padres team beat the Cal-League Angels team on Wednesday night, 20-10!

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