Saturday, September 30, 2006

10K + kids

I ran a 10K this morning downtown, pushing my two kids in the jogger stroller. One problem with pushing kids is that they keep heavier as time passes. Even though more and more people do races with jogger strollers, I still got quite a bit of attention during the race. What’s funny is that there is one thing that’s said to me multiple times without fail in every race: some variant of “Can I have a ride?” I know they’re only being good natured, so I chuckle and pretend I haven’t heard it countless times before.

This is prime racing time, with a 15K at Lake Norman next month and half marathons in November and December.


Anonymous,  10:18 PM  

Two kids in the stroller-impressive.

What was your time?

(Using your post for motivation.)

Greg Weeks 7:15 AM  

My time was 57:54, for a 9:20 pace.

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