Thursday, September 21, 2006

The devil went down to the UN

Marc Cooper has a great post about the Chávez speech. Most importantly, I wish we could shift our attention away from buffoonery. As he points out, Lula's speech, which had substance, is getting ignored.


Anonymous,  8:56 PM  

Chavez is certainly getting lots of mileage out of his trip to New York. However, he did not appear statesmanlike at all - and some have opined that he may have in fact hurt his UN Security Council chances. Not sure how this will play out.

That point aside, the greater concern for me as an American is that Chavez can deliver such a speech and not get heckled off stage. My concern is not that Chavez uses such antics (it is part of his schtick, for better or worse); rather, my concern is that the perception of America in the world has fallen so far since 2001 that such a speech is actually welcomed by the UN body. The Bush White House can't fall much farther - can they?

Anonymous,  11:48 PM  

It's funny how the world some how is shocked by the speech. For Venezuelans it is just another day, with Chavez with microphone and camera. Although I totally agree with you the media gives to much attention to the crazy exteamist of the world and not enough to the sane ones that are actually interested in improving the world.

Greg Weeks 7:14 AM  

True--I was not shocked, surprised, or insulted. Chávez can often go over the top, but this time I think he calculated well. The U.S. media is following him everywhere, giving him coverage he never would get otherwise.

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