Monday, September 18, 2006

Padres back in first

The Padres beat the Dodgers yesterday, and are now back in first place for the first time since August 9. Finally! But the last game of the 4 game series is tonight, so we need to keep up the momentum. It’s Jake Peavy and Brad Penny—Jake’s numbers have been very good in August and September, while Penny has been getting roughed up. I just wish these games (with the exception of yesterday, which I listened to on the internet) weren’t so late at night on the east coast.

And I shouldn’t neglect to remind everyone that Trevor is only three saves away from Lee Smith’s all time record. There are few cooler experiences in baseball than to hear Hell’s Bells starting as he walks in.


MSS 7:36 PM  

Not only have Peavy's numbers been really good in recent weeks, but he has shut the Dodgers down pretty well this season.

From this morning's LA Times:

Peavy vs. Dodgers, 2-0, 1.79
Peavy vs. rest of NL, 7-14, "nearly 5.00"

I was going to suggest that I'd guess you were rooting for the Phillies to win the Wild Card (assuming the Padres can win the West), on the grounds that Padres fans tend to be anti-Dodger. But with these numbers, I think you need to root for both teams to advance so that the Padres to meet the Dodgers in the NLCS!

Greg Weeks 7:43 PM  

The joke I've read is that we have to thank Trevor for blowing the All Star save, because it means the NL has to play more on the road in the World Series, and we are better on the road.

As for the Dodgers, I am stuck--it would be better to play them than the Phillies, but I can't root for them.

MSS 7:47 PM  

That's a good one. Hadn't heard it.

That would make Trevor a set-up man, rather than a closer, right? In that his (failed) All Star closing set up the Padres' eventual World Series win on the road.

On rooting, yeah, I figured.

I'm not stuck, I'm torn. To have an all Southern California playoff series would be pretty cool (especially now that the Angels are long gone). But I will admit I'd take a certain glee in the Dodgers' failing to get any payoff berth after having led the division at least as late as mid-Sept!

Greg Weeks 6:41 AM  

Great. Now Peavy was mediocre, Trevor got shelled, and the Padres are back in second place.

MSS 8:10 PM  

Nope. The Padres remain in first. In the Wild Card. Both teams are going on into October, unless the Phillies kick it into gear or the Giants pull off a miracle.

On Trevor Time thing is fun, sure. But the idea of making an EVENT out of a stat--and a dumb stat at that--is fairly ridiculous. Not as ridiculous, however, as managers employing personnel based on the scoring rule as to when a pitcher is eligible for a "save." (The very term implies it's a lot more important than it is.)

Greg Weeks 8:41 PM  

You're taking it too seriously. It's fun, and it intimidates the other team.

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