Friday, September 01, 2006

Padres trade Kottaras for Wells

The Padres acquired David Wells (again) from the Red Sox, and it’s reported that we’re giving up catching prospect George Kottaras. I’m not sure about this trade. The argument is that although Wells’ season numbers stink and he’s been hurt, his last several starts have been pretty good. It is also a popular move in the clubhouse.

I guess I’m just dubious about these late season pick-ups that give away top prospects, especially for a pitcher who is so old (Wells is 43). Although Kottaras’ numbers aren’t so hot this year, he can put up good AVG, OBP, and SLG numbers, and he’s only 23. Even if we wanted to trade him, we probably should’ve been able to get more in return.

If Wells pitches well and the Padres make the playoffs, then I’ll be happy to eat my words. Padres RunDown also takes a look at the trade, and how the Red Sox managed to increase the price tag.


MSS 4:04 PM  

Looks like a dumb move to me. Kottaras has had an off year, but is quite a good prospect. Sickels had him as a B+ at the start of the year. I am sure he will be downgraded after this year, but as you note, he is only 23.

Wells is almost twice his age.

I suppose it is a calculated risk. The calculation being that the NL it totally up for grabs. The Mets have dominated a very weak league, and look (to me) like a team that can be taken in the playoffs by any team that can have a couple of hot horses on the staff. (The Mets may not have their horses, or they may not be so hot.)

If the trade gets the Padres even a very small increment to their chances of getting the honor of being mauled by the AL winner, is it worth it?

Greg Weeks 8:48 AM  

Tough call--as a fan, I love getting to the playoffs, where (flying in the face of common sense) you think about that chance of winning it all.

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