Sunday, September 10, 2006

Baseball in Charlotte

There is a new website dedicated to increasing public awareness of the proposed plan to bring baseball back into downtown Charlotte. It comes on the heels of a public rally to do the same. There is a complicated land swap deal in the works, but it requires public support to pull it off.

Baseball here is weird. The Charlotte Knights, the AAA affiliate for the White Sox, don’t play in Charlotte. In fact, they don’t even play in North Carolina. Since 1989, they have played right over the border in Fort Mill, SC, I assume because it is cheaper.

I would love to get baseball downtown, so I signed the online petition. Going to Fort Mill is a hassle and a long drive, and for popular games (like July 4) the traffic is a nightmare because of a bottleneck. Plus, because of blue laws, if you go to a Sunday game you cannot buy beer.

So I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


MSS 4:50 PM  

You mean to tell me that they are really the Charlotte, North Carolina, Knights of Fort Mill, South Carolina?

I love it!

Greg Weeks 7:29 AM  

Yes, I hadn't thought of that connection to the California Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

Unfortunately, it also means that attendance is always very low, despite the fact that the team was good this year.

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