Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Charlotte's Immigration Study Commission

I have to say I’m impressed. Alan Gordon, the head of the mayor’s Immigration Study Commission, was called to speak to the County Commissioners, even though the commission has not finished its work (it is scheduled for December). This is obviously a very hot topic, yet he got praise from both sides of the aisle, even from Commissioner Bill James, who has been the most vocally critical of the commission and of how the county deals with illegal immigration. I hope that Alan’s even handed treatment of the issue will serve to keep both rhetoric and policy from getting too extreme here in Charlotte, where thus far it has remained quite temperate.


Anonymous,  1:05 PM  

If Pat McCrory is elected Governor of North Carolina, how do you think his administration will "deal" with the issue of illegal immigration on the local/state level? (Basically, what can he do?)

Greg Weeks 1:21 PM  

The short answer is that he has some options open to him, but like any governor there is only so much he can do.
is a link to all the legislation passed at the state level in 2007. Meanwhile, this is a link to McCrory’s stated policy positions on immigration. My hunch, however, is that he is not likely to have immigration on the top of his policy agenda if he wins.

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