Saturday, October 28, 2006

Count Fidel

Hugo Chávez reports that Fidel Castro is doing better, and is up and around. But the way he did so immediately made me wonder whether Castro has turned into a vampire, touring the countryside, but only at night. Now that would be a great rumor.

Venezuela President Hugo Chavez said Friday that Cuban leader Fidel Castro is up and about again, taking trips at night into the countryside as he recovers from surgery.

"He is walking around already and goes out at night to tour the countryside, towns and cities. I'm soon going to go see you, Fidel," Chavez said during a speech to cacao producers in Venezuela Friday.


ERASMO 3:19 PM  

Chavez is out of control since Fidel got ill.

Greg Weeks 4:13 PM  

Well, does Chávez a) have any neck-oriented bite marks; or b) avoid going outdoors during the day? Maybe I'm on to something.

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