Thursday, October 05, 2006

Immigration law

President Bush signed the Homeland Security bill, which includes the border fence. The Mexican government (both outgoing Fox and incoming Calderón) have been highly critical, and Fox’s spokesman even correctly pointed out the fact that the bill doesn’t include sufficient funds to build it.

I’m giving a talk on immigration at the Levine Museum of the New South tonight for the start of a new exhibit on Latino immigrants. Another speaker will be Alan Gordon, head of the mayor’s Immigration Study Commission. The bill just signed is a perfect example of how the federal government has totally abdicated responsibility, leaving local leaders to scramble as they figure out how to deal with illegal immigration, which the current system (regardless of enforcement measures) actively encourages.

In that same bill there is $20 million to celebrate success in Iraq and Afghanistan, with national festivities. I suppose if you’re earmarking money for a celebration that won’t happen, you might as well include a fence that won’t work.


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