Monday, October 30, 2006

Fidel is back (again)

I finally got around to checking out the new photos of Fidel, looking pretty fit and wearing a snazzy Adidas track suit. As he says, he’s just recuperating and doing nothing more than just trying to be “useful.”

Hago todo lo posible por apoyar a los compañeros, ser útil, y me siento satisfecho.

He would also like everyone to know that he is not, in fact, deceased.

Something that struck me about his new track suit is that “F. Castro” is stitched on the front. I can’t figure out why that’s necessary. Is there anyone—in Cuba or elsewhere—that doesn’t know who he is? Or maybe he’s had problems with Raúl taking his clothes, so Raúl gets his own with “R. Castro.”


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