Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Rumsfeld in Nicaragua

Amazingly, Donald Rumsfeld went to Nicaragua yet managed not to say anything either about Daniel Ortega or Hugo Chávez (with the exception of being critical of arms purchases). Chávez was clearly hoping to bait him, with public declarations that Rumsfeld was a “dog of war,” “little dog,” or “Mr. Dog.”

I have never been referred to as “Mr. Dog,” but I have to say my first reaction would be to laugh rather than to feel insulted. Maybe it’s just me.

Let’s see if this policy of silence holds out—for the most part, members of the Bush administration blurt something out every week or so. Chávez loves it when U.S. officials call him names, and plays it up for weeks, spending time to come up with his own nicknames in response. I have not heard Ortega talk about the U.S., but if someone likes Rumsfeld talks about him, you can bet he will use it to his advantage.


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