Thursday, October 19, 2006

More on Venezuela

Andres Oppenheimer asks whether Hugo Chávez has peaked, a question everyone is asking. There is one point in particular that I find compelling—whether Chávez can recover depends in part on the Bush administration. Will it try to beat him when he’s down, and thus snatch defeat from the jaws of victory? A juicy comparison to Hitler to give him a little boost?

[I must say I find his argument about Castro dying and Cuba becoming a quasi Venezuelan protectorate to be totally uncompelling and alarmist].

Meanwhile, later this morning the UN voting will begin yet again, as Venezuela adamantly refused to withdraw. Not a fun time to be a UN delegate.


Anonymous,  11:37 PM  

"Not a fun time to be a UN delegate." Not really they are enjoying the beatuyful women and chocolate

"Venezuela gifted chocolates to delegates, and has now imported a crack team of Latin lovelies to charm those in need of a little gentle persuasion.

"They're not quite scantily clad," says a bag-carrier in the corridors of power, "but there is a bit of brushing of thighs with the older delegates."

BTW, while Chavez has apparently had seat back after set back internationally, domestically he is suffering a lot as well. Dec 3rd are presidental elections and Chavez has campaigned very little, while the opposition candidate "Manuel Rosales" is doing quite well thus far.

Greg Weeks 7:07 AM  

I hadn't seen the news about bringing in women. That's really bizarre. In general, though, I don't get the gift giving--will chocolates or the sight of beautiful women really affect anyone's voting?

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