Friday, October 13, 2006

Hugo Chávez on love

You can always count on Hugo Chávez to come up with something new. Now he is the Barry White of Latin America, doing it all for love. He just wants a big national hug.

Newspaper ads by President Hugo Chávez's campaign include a solemn ''message of love'' for the Venezuelan people that reads: ``I have always done everything for love.''


In a speech on Thursday, Chávez reiterated that his political movement is about love. ''That love, what it has done is grow all these years,'' he said.


''There is still much to do. I need more time. I need your vote. Your vote for love,'' the Chávez ad concludes.

All these years in Political Science, we've focused on issues like power, ideology, institutions, etc. It never occurred to us that it's all just about love.


Jordan 8:57 PM  

That's cute, but I think Mr. Clinton has him beat in the love dept.

Greg Weeks 8:34 AM  

Though Clinton was interested in something other than love...

Jordan 9:22 PM  

True...perhaps that was lust.

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