Monday, February 18, 2013

Chávez's Return

There are two takes on Hugo Chávez's return.

One is that this is a sign of transition. He's been shown to be in no condition to govern and so he'll just guide the country toward early elections.

The other is that he's going to tough it out and govern until he's dead. If he could claim to govern from Cuba, he certainly can do so from a Caracas hospital.

I think number two is the more likely option, as the logic is more compelling. But nothing with Chávez is easy to predict.


Justin Delacour 1:44 PM  

Seeing as you co-wrote an article about Bolivia and Ecuador under Correa and Morales some time back, I'm a little surprised that you have no comment about the election in Ecuador. Any thoughts?

Greg Weeks 3:59 PM  

Yes, I should, but the outcome was so obvious there wasn't much to comment on. However, it occurs to me that having such an easy, clear election is something to comment on in and of itself.

Defensores de Democracia 7:48 PM  

These guys Hugo Chavez( Venezuela ), Rafael Correa ( Ecuador ), Daniel Ortega ( Nicaragua ( rule using the lowest passions : Envy against their Rich Country People and against Advanced Nations. Beating the drums of war against neighboring nations ( against Colombia ).

No wonder that Venezuela is such an economic mess and failure. Chavez has encouraged squatting in buildings that are temporarily empty or vacated.

Chavez has encouraged invasions of farms, ranchs, haciendas, etc .... NO respect for private property.

No wonder that they have to rule by lies like we see at the present moment in Venezuela, ruled by a zombie or half-dead man.

No wonder that Scarcity reigns in Venezuela and you don't get milk, cheese, eggs, beef, chicken, etc ....

No wonder that the corrupt Venezuelans ( La Guardia Nacional ) sends scarce Venezuelan Products to Colombia where they get better prices.

No wonder that Venezuela lives in constant devaluations. Colombia was the poor country and Venezuela was looked up. Now Venezuela has to look up to its neighbor as a much more advanced nation. The "sister" nation has almost no oil but works very hard and exports lots of diversified products with a capitalist economy.

The entrepreneurs and intelligentsia of Venezuela emigrates to greener pastures in many other countries, including the "sister" nation. Many businesses started in Colombia by Venezuelan Entrepreneurs and Engineers that could not prosper in their home country.

Venezuela only exports oil. And is ruled by gangsters, thugs, streets bullies, delinquents and criminals. There are many buildings at the center of Venezuelan cities occupied by these "malandros" or bad guys.


Defensores de Democracia 5:20 PM  

InterAmerican Security Watch : "Since 1999, the year Hugo Chavez took over the presidency, Venezuela has had the lowest average GDP growth rate and the highest inflation of any Latin American country except Haiti."

Excerpts :

Venezuela has also seen a fivefold increase in assassinations to arguably the highest murder rate in the world.

In spite of having the largest oil reserves in the planet, Chavez managed to reduce Venezuela’s share of OPEC oil output from 4.8% to around 3%. He also managed to stimulate the largest out-migration of Venezuelans in memory.

My comment :

I weep for Venezuela because many little humble people have told me the story. And those are the best witnesses. So I have firsthand information about this tragedy. I do not need International Agencies to tell me that Venezuela is run by scoundrels, thugs and demagogues, I know it !! ....

InterAmerican Security Watch
Monitoring Threats to Regional Stability
The Guardian UK

The legacy of Hugo Chávez: Low growth, high inflation, intimidation
IASW | Monday, February 25th, 2013


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