Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Secret Annex for Cuba

Tracey Eaton at Along the Malecón has an interesting blog post on the secret annex of the Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba. That commission issued a lengthy report that essentially argued that once there was a political transition, the U.S. should take over virtually all aspects of Cuban life, down to how traffic should be (just scroll through to see many other such examples; I do this in my U.S.-Latin American Relations course).

But there was more to the report that was kept secret because it was deemed sensitive. FOIA requests have brought some of it to light; nothing surprising. It seems much of it is paranoia about Venezuela and commitment to "control the policy environment." This is sensitive mostly because it provides concrete evidence of what everyone already knows to be true. There is more that has not been declassified, but my hunch is that there's nothing very juicy.


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