Saturday, February 09, 2013

Not the End of the Left

Alvaro Vargas Llosa has an article in Foreign Policy that is basically nonsensical. The nonsense can be boiled down to this: if Hugo Chávez dies, then the Latin American left will wither because it won't have a leader.

It presumes that a) the left in each country was created in Caracas; and b) that Chávez is actually the leader of a regional left. Both of these are patently false, and harken back to the days when grassroots movements were routinely viewed as created in Moscow through Havana.

The political left has a long history in Latin America, with plenty of leaders in each country, and Vargas Llosa knows that because he railed against it for many years. It will live on no matter whether Chávez does or not.


Defensores de Democracia 3:47 PM  

I share your opinion Mr Weeks.


There is envy of the leftists and envy or righties : Chavez has been always propelled by envy against the rich or against advanced nations. - In the USA a great opposition against Obama from the righties ( for example Obamacare ) has a lot to do with envy and resentment against a "Negro"

I weep for the tragedy of Venezuela, where great resources are continually squandered in demagoguery, populism, clientelism, personalism, .....

Malandrismo : The rule by Malandros ( bad guys, delincuents, gangsters )

Chavismo will be perpetuated without Chavez. Like Peronismo and Justicialismo in Argentina.

Chavismo is a Great Shame for all Latin America and the World.

Oil countries live in Perpetual Religious Fanaticism or Economic Fanatic Demagoguery ( like Venezuela ).

I am glad that they USA did not fall in a Racist Plutocracy, Social Darwinism, Ayn Rand Craziness and Misogynist Theocracy.

Vicente Duque


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