Sunday, February 24, 2013

Pinochet's Defeat

Declassified documents reveal Augusto Pinochet didn't want to leave power, was pissed off about the results--because sycophants told him he would win--and was rebuffed, especially by the air force. I am trying to figure out why this is considered news, when it's been more or less the accepted sequence of events for quite a long time.

A key reason Pinochet could no longer cling to power was that he could not justify it to the rest of the junta, which by that time was thinking about a) international opinion and business climate; b) the end of the Latin American Cold War; and c) his megalomania.


Anonymous,  7:11 PM  

"No" is up for an Oscar tonight. Hence, news.

Greg Weeks 3:25 PM  

Makes sense. I had not made that connection.

Anonymous,  12:01 AM

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