Saturday, February 02, 2013

Gold Rush 5K

I ran the Gold Rush 5K on campus today, formerly known as the Homecoming 5K. It is still homecoming, but for some reason the name changed last year. It was in the 20s at race time, but at least sunny (some years it is both cold AND rainy, which makes for tough running).

For races my wife and I split up with the kids, and I was with my eight year old daughter, who was on her bike. As it turns out, for much of the race you have to go really slow if you're with someone on a bike, because a new route has lots of bottlenecks (please go back to the previous route!). Further, despite signs and bullhorn reminders, many walkers started up toward the front. This race is getting bigger (over 700 people now) and it's great that people want to participate, but walkers in the front clog everything up.

My ten year old son, meanwhile, has now run this race several times. My four year old daughter really wants to run it, but isn't up to the distance yet so goes in the jogger stroller--she gets out and runs at the end. Collectively, we are quite a sight.


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