Friday, February 01, 2013

Fencing the Border

Charles Krauthammer argues that with a fence we can treat Mexicans like Palestinians, then give out green cards. Or not too far from that. But he and others can use whatever analogies they want if it means movement on immigration reform.

Additionally, his stance is an grossly oversimplified one that at least makes it more likely reform will happen. He says a fence will solve everything, and reform can proceed once it's all built.

The current Senate proposal must be improved, either in the Senate or by the House. It’s not complicated. Build the damn fence. And give “probationary legal status” to the 11 million — not on the day the bill is signed but on the day the fence is completed. Have the president drive in the golden fence post at Promontory Point II and sign the amnesty right there. Great photo op.

A grinning and grotesque photo op is weird but if it makes you feel that security has magically been attained, then be my guest.


Defensores de Democracia 7:09 PM  

Perhaps a successful President can achieve Migra Reform

But WAIT A SECOND, WAIT A SECOND .... that is what President Obama is, a super successful president.

Read this :


Dow Jones Industrial Average hits 14,009 ( today Friday, February 1, 2013 ), in a session with an increase of 140.21 that is 1.08% - Dow Charges Past 14K for 1st Time Since 2007 - I have been constantly predicting a long Bull Market during Obama's Second Term

A Great Triumph for President Obama and the American Economy !! :

With the Dow breaching 14,000, shareholders and investors have recovered the more than $8 trillion in wealth lost during the recession and attained levels of paper wealth they haven't seen since Crazy Days !

New millionaires and billionaires. The market moves are creating a new virtuous cycle of confidence for the wealthy.

I have always predicted the success of President Obama for an Economic Recovery, and I am still predicting a very long Bull Market to reach new heights in next years.


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