Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Immigration honeymoon

This is the sort of news article that really needs help. Based on an interview with one former aide to Harry Reid, it argues that Obama will have a short honeymoon for everything except immigration:

Manley says in his experience on Capitol Hill, Obama doesn't even have a year before lawmakers are unwilling to go along with his demands. 
"It's a very narrow window, not much more than six months or so for possibly everything, with the possible exception of immigration reform that could take a little longer," Manley said.

Now, the six month argument may have legs. Nate Silver argues that the honeymoon will be brief for a variety of reasons. But why would immigration somehow make Obama partially immune? Any answer would mostly be ad hoc. Which types of issues have honeymoons and which don't? And precisely why? If we argue that popular issues are more likely to be passed, that's really just a truism.


Defensores de Democracia 12:35 PM  

GOP MYTH : "Marco Rubio saves the Republican Party by being the leader of Immigration Reform"


U. S. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida : He is nothing but a "Barbie Doll" or rather a "Dora, the Explorer Doll" that the Republican Party has invented to entice Latinos to vote for GOP ... Marco is a Duck decoy to attract wild ducks to the pond

There is nothing authentic about Marco Rubio, He is false, fake and phony for everything including being a Fake Latino. ..... The best word to describe Marco is "Merecido" and I am going to explain that word of the Spanish Language.

"Merecido" would be literally translated as "deserved" because it comes from the verb to deserve ( merecer ), it is applied in Spanish to those guys that believe that they are extremely important and powerful and deserve a lot but have done nothing in life to deserve being awarded such prizes. It is applied to Good for Nothing guys that believe to be great statesmen, politicians, artists, philosophers, etc ...

The GOP is the Party of Hollywood stunts, these guys deserve to be in Hollywood driving motorcycles and cars in crazy U Turns on a dime. Because they live in permanent flip-flops, reversals, about-faces, pivoting 180 degrees on policies, the most shameful turnarounds.

So the Party of "Self-Deportation" and "Arizona is the Model for the Nation" is now a party of Mother Teresas of Calcutta, of charity nuns that want to embrace Hispanics and Obama is a cruel racist that hates Latinos and has not moved a single finger to help undocumented immigrants.

Marco Rubio once danced a rumba and believed to be as Cuban as Famous Black Singer Celia Cruz !!

Vicente Duque


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