Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Bolivarian News Agency needs a new translator

Hugo Chávez's latest column is funny if you read it in English:

The national sham of the red machinery started early this Saturday, last day of January.


This sham reminds me my days as a private in ranks...


Ok. Let’s set memories aside… reports are still arriving from the electoral sham of the plains, the east, the Andes, Zulia and the Central valleys.

The Spanish word is "simulacro," and so I think they mean "maneuvers."


Vicente Duque 2:09 PM  

Hugo Chavez is more offensive than translated to English.

Because when you watch him on TV and in Spanish you feel a lot of Shame for this Guy and for Venezuela and for Latin America.

His diction, intonation, selected words, etc ... are from the lowest classes and calculated to seduce the most ignorant.

Venezuela thrives on oil revenues, but these Oil Economies like some Arab Countries are an Economic Disaster.

In countries that have no oil people have to work very hard and that produces an ethic of Hard Work, they become Calvinistics without Calvin, and Puritans without buckle hats and turkey dinners with the Indians.

When I speak with Venezuelans or visitors that went to Venezuela I am always astonished at a Santa Claus Economy, where many things are free, and there is a constant squandering of resources.



Vicente Duque

Justin Delacour 9:26 PM  

Hugo Chávez's latest column is funny if you read it in English

Sometimes you're kinda funny in English too, Greg. So how 'bout that 30-point advantage that you were telling us about for those opposing an end to term limits in Venezuela? What the hell happened, Greg?

Anonymous,  5:27 AM  

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