Sunday, February 08, 2009

Expulsion: it's all the rage

Rafael Correa announced the expulsion of a U.S. official from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, saying that he suspended $340,000 in aid because Ecuador would not grant the U.S. veto power over Ecuador's anti-smuggling police. Correa says he has a letter the official wrote to that effect.

What's odd, however, is that the official has been out of Ecuador for a month. So Correa's dramatic "give this man 48 hours to get his suitcases and get out of the country" doesn't make much sense.

If there's an incriminating letter, then Obama should act quickly and smooth it over. In general, Correa has been far less histrionic than either Hugo Chávez or Evo Morales, so despite the "I am going to eject someone while on my national radio show" drama it would not surprise me if there is something to this. How much remains to be seen.


Vicente Duque 8:59 AM  

Latin America has been invaded by three madmen :

Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega, and Rafael Correa.

I exclude Evo Morales because he may be fighting for Indian Rights and the man has certain tenderness even if he is a little exaggerated or crazy in everything. I am not sure that Evo is a Bad Guy for Latin America. Perhaps he is Good, only very immature and ignorant.

But the other three guys practice the Politics of Inferiority Complexes against the United States, Colombia, Israel and others.

It is very hard or impossible for me to believe that the three countries that they lead are prosperous and progressive.

Rafael Correa is ruining the trade that once was prosperous with Colombia. Tourism also died with this guy that does not want Colombians inside his country.

Fortunately The president of Colombia, the opposite of them, is restrained, controlled, cerebral, pedagogic, and even professorial like Mr Obama.

Mr Uribe has been Machiavellian in turning Enemies into friends, in shutting his mouth, in Big Stunts, in acting against Guerrillas, in not being passive but super hard working.

Uribe says "Presidents come and go but Nations remain"

"There is not an evil that lasts 100 years"

"If you work with madmen be controlled and restrained"

Vicente Duque

Justin Delacour 5:23 PM  

In general, Correa has been far less histrionic than either Hugo Chávez or Evo Morales

What exactly is histrionic about Morales responding to well-documented efforts on the part of U.S. agencies to aid the Bolivian opposition and meddle in the country's internal affairs? How exactly would you propose that Morales deal with such activities?

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