Monday, February 23, 2009

Do tourists flock to failed states?

Yesterday I wrote about the way in which Mexico is too often inaccurately portrayed as a "failed state." Here's a follow up question: how many failed states see a big jump in tourism, with a particularly large increase in areas (i.e. the border) for which the State Department recently issued a travel warning?


Vicente Duque 1:04 PM  

Mexico's Future in the best crystal ball :

The Drug Lords will be probably killed in a few years. They live a fast life like Achilles in the Iliad. A Goddess offered tw options to : Achilles if he wanted to live a long uneventful life or a short life of Great Fame and Adventure.

Pablo Escobar died in his 42 birthday. Other relatives or henchmen enjoyed his Big Fortune.

Al Capone also died very young, from syphilis.

The Funny Thing

The funny thing is Hate TV and Hate Radio are scaring millions of ignorants and fools with the idea that Mexico is going to collapse and the ashes are going to fall upon the USA.

That is not going to happen because the poorer Andean Countries have in great measure defeated big drug lords without collapsing.

Colombia is poorer than Mexico and fought the war against the most dangerous Drug Criminals that the World has seen in the last 50 years.

Today they are in tombs or in American Jails. There are of course little smugglers. But no big bosses with 50,000 heads of cattle and many airplanes and arsenals.

And The FARC drug criminals are almost defeated, hidden in deep jungle.

So, you can see the imbecility and stupidity of the FearMongering Racist Jingos invading TV Networks.

They want more military confrontations. As if that was what the situtation requires at this moment of History.

That is why TV is called the "Stupidity Box"

Vicente Duque

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