Friday, February 13, 2009

Face time with Fidel

Michelle Bachelet scored a meeting with Fidel Castro. This alone isn't particularly interesting, but the end of the article mentioned that neither Rafael Correa nor Martín Torrijos got to see him in person. Cristina Fernández saw him, though apparently there are rumors in Argentina that the photo is a fake. So who gets a golden ticket?

It's also worth noting that she has come under criticism for not meeting with anyone in the opposition, a particularly poignant issue because she was detained, tortured, and then kicked out of her own country, and her own father died because of his opposition to the dictatorship.

Oh, and by the way, it appears that Fidel remains not dead.


Vicente Duque 11:16 AM  

About this Lady President of Chile and the other Lady President of Argentina :

These Ladies were particularly very harsh and hard with Mr Alvaro Uribe when he killed the Greatest Murderer and Killer of Human Beings South of the Rio Grande :

Raul Reyes was the perfect Arrogant Sociopath that ordered Kidnappings by the thousands, that practiced extorsion in the most brutal form. That destroyed the poorest villages throwing Gas Cylinders against the poorest of the poor.

Reyes killed hundreds of poor peasant children with land mines in agricultural fields. And maimed thousands of Women or Old People.

There are many children in crutches, thanks to Reyes.

We should never never never forgive the Arrogance of these two Ladies.

And the two despicable guys that threatened Colombia with Armies in the borders. How ridiculous and unmanly !! ... And the Madman of Nicaragua threatening Colombia ( Has he a Big Navy and Aircraft Carriers ?? )

They are nothing but despicable whiners, uttering plaintive weeps and cries.

Emitting high-pitched, protracted complaining sounds of childish tropicalist behaviour.

Only Alfred Adler and the theory of Inferiority Complexes can explain these guys.

Vicente Duque

mike a,  1:31 PM  

I will categorize this visit under "position Bachelet as an dyed-in-the-wool left wing leader in order to garner a juicier book contract upon retirement." I don't see what the upside is for her or Chile beyond that. I think she just wanted to meet one of her childhood heroes and used the resources of the Chilean state and her platform to secure the meeting. What concrete results will become of this visit? Cuba is going to send doctors to Chile? Chile will buy more cigars or sugar from Cuba? More pisco exports to Cuba? What a joke.

At the end of the day, it just adds fuel to the fire in the Chilean political middle that her presidency has been a complete joke and failure.

mike a,  8:31 PM  

This story just keeps getting better:

Even her good buddy Fidel stabbed her in the back. I wonder how this will play to the constituents back at home? Bachelet has been played like a fiddle by both the right and left.

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