Saturday, February 07, 2009

Is Obama copying Castro and Chávez?

With regard to writing columns, that is. First it was Fidel Castro, then recently Hugo Chávez also started writing. Now Obama has a column in the Washington Post arguing for passage of the stimulus package. His style is a lot different, though. In particular, I think he should use more exclamation marks.

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Vicente Duque 11:15 AM  

I like Mr Obama writing and fighting for his Stimulus Package.

I hope that the Stimulus Package will also help the Poor

It is a matter of Justice. The poor have more difficulty and suffering paying taxes. And they do not have Golden Parachutes and millions of dollars at being recruited as the Great Corporations Executives.

And the Poor spend the Money and stimulate the Economy while the Rich hoard.

There is something in which all the Great Economists and Schools of Economics coincide and that is the benefits of Trade. And Mr Obama is going to change his position in favor of Trade and Latin America. Bravo !

I see determination, decision, strength, positivity, assuredness, confidence, authority, etc ... in Mr Obama.

Exactly like Niccolo Machiavelli adviced. Obama is not lazy but he acts and commands. He loves the exertion of Power, to rule, to govern, to do things.

"Even the United States needs friends" said Barack Obama in the Electoral Campaign. I remember very well.

Mr Obama is the Making of a Great President.

I like Obama very much and we all should be patient. The Problems are humongous. More difficult that what we imagine.

Vicente Duque

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