Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Immigrant arrest quotas

There are allegations that the Border Patrol in Riverside forced arrest quotas on agents, with punishment for failing to reach the goals. You knew this had to be coming at some point, as it is an old and familiar story. To prove "victory" or at least "progress," you need a body count--something to put in a report for the media, Congress, whomever.

As it turns out, however, there are already informal quotas:

Calhoon said the agency does use goals to inspire agents, for example, by driving units to compete against each other, and often the measuring stick turns out to be number of arrests. But he said setting numeric targets was not common practice — nor one he would recommend.

So agents are already rewarded for body count. If somebody looks Hispanic or is speaking Spanish, round them up. Even if they're in the country legally, you get credit for an arrest.


King Politics 11:52 AM  

That sounds like some of the stories I've heard about how ICE operates in Texas. Raid a plant every so often, so that you don't have to worry about your budget being cut.

Vicente Duque 2:15 PM  

Mr Weeks :

This has to do with Immigration and Immigrants because Lou Dobbs is the Greatest Enemy of Latinos. Also Bill O'Reilly every evening.

I am saddened and entertained by the TV Stations and Ranting and Railings against Mr Obama and the appointment of Judd Gregg.

I have in my sites the videos of Lou Dobbs and other Anchors criticizing these two Great Statesmen Mr Obama and Mr Gregg for the appointment to Commerce.

It is amazing that Intelligence is criticized by Ignorance. So I brought up famous quotations of Schiller, Victor Hugo, the Bible and others.

The Financial Times warns us of Impending World Protectionism to further the Economic Depression.

I am glad that Mr Obama is President and that he appoints the Best ( at least for Commerce ! )

Vicente Duque

sharon 5:27 AM  

thanks for the link...

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